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Our place:

Infants (Under 1 year), Toddlers (1 to 3 years) Young Children (3 to 5 years)


We are a centre that respects and values each child and their whānau. The individual needs of each family are at the forefront of everything we do creating a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Respect and learning through Papatūānuku


Our large natural outdoor space develops children's strong connection with their environment and their land. Recycling, gardening, water collection, composting, and fruit growing forms an increased understanding of how we affect our world and how the world affects us.

This is based on current theory and practice and is enhanced through a course by Pennie Brownlee.

Ongoing development

Our Centre-wide strategic plan has been put into picture format. It contains the mission and vision of the Trust along with the strategic goals of our Centre, while giving a visual representation of our local community. Read below for further details.




Ka Uru Te Kura - Joining School


We support children and their families who are moving onto school for them to have the smoothest possible experience. A child's move into the school learning environment is supported with visits and the sharing of information

Flexibility of bookings is an important part of what we do to make sure
families get what they need.

Raetihi Early Childhood Education Trust


Our Strategic Goals for 2020 through to 2022

Goal 1 :Provide a centre where learning and care is based on current theory and practice, underpinned with teachers ratios that
maximises the learning exploration of children and ensures their safety.


Goal 2: Provide an environment where children, community, whānau, teachers and trustees needs and aspirations are identified and responded to. Communication is clear with open information and consultation sharing.


Goal 3: The centre is operated in a principled, consistent manner underpinned by clear process and review.


Goal 4: The Centre is sustainable and an integral part of the Waimarino Community, forming strong collaborative meaningful relationships
with local Iwi and hāpu and all other cultural groups within the Waimarino Community.


Goal 5: The centre holds a strong, reputable, leadership position within the Waimarino Education Community.

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