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Who are we?

Nancy Winter Early Childhood Centre

Raetihi Early Childhood Education Trustees:
Tony Maclean (Chairperson),  Fleur Brown & Jules Robbie
Office Staff:
Centre Manager: Brenda Burnard
Administrator: Bianca Taylor
Leadership Team:
Fiona Fraser, Mairi Walls, Sheena Frederick
Teaching Staff:
Darnell Watling, Fiona Fraser, Kelly Howell, Odette (Kookie) Edmonds, Mairi Walls, Stephanie (Pippy) Edmonds, Sheena Frederick, Kirsty Litt, Teri Webb

Relief Teachers: Sharon Wilton, Robyn Yates, Amy Berry, Ruwani Warsh Hennedige, Izzy Tweeddale, Michelle Griffin, Nastassja Frederick, Jonathan Frederick, Alice Walls
Georgina (Missy) Ponga
The Trustees ensure that Children and their families are the centre of all activity. Most of the income is spent on curriculum delivery, especially the most important resource being the teaching staff, equipment and grounds.

Raetihi Early Childhood

Education Trust Annual Report


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Latest Education Review Office (ERO) Report


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