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Activities at home with tamariki

We often get activities sent through to our Centre. Below are some that Capital E sent through in their latest email. Click on the blue writing for further details.

Enjoy with your children.


We've always been a fan of The Dad Lab, and this shadow tracing activity is one that can be used time and again with different objects. Egg Carton Penguins are a really cute activity from One Little Project. Once you've made a whole waddle of penguins, you could move on to ladybirds,bumblebees, or even the Hungry Caterpillar!


Our friends at DOC have this amazing scavenger hunt for the littlies to do in the garden. You can download it here. Brighten your garden up with this nifty gumboot garden idea from Kidspot NZ. Kids can recycle their old gumboots to plant their favourite flowers and herbs.


The Hand and Footprint game is so much fun! This can be played with children of all ages, although for younger children it might help to colour-code the images to help with left and right. Once you've got the images you can mix the order up and have a different game every day!

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